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Flour Supplies and More Bread

Yesterday saw a trip to the velodrome in Newport with a return journey via Shipton Mill. The perfect combination of bread and bikes. The velodrome was great as usual but having never been to Shipton Mill I was intrigued to see what I would find. What I left with was 7 kg of new flour and a new book, and that made me very happy.

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Oops I Forgot the Salt

As part of my Shipton Mill order I got a bag of coarse wholemeal flour, and I have been waiting to give it a try. Scientific rigor would suggest only changing one variable at a time, but I just can’t resist myself. After receiving a copy of The Handmade Loaf  I was intrigued by Dan Lepard’s suggested technique, of minimal kneading, and the use of an oiled, rather than floured, surface.

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Shipton Mill

I get bored quite easily, and so am constantly looking for new things to try. This is very applicable to bread, but I have felt limited by the availability of ingredients so far. Specifically I have been wanting to try a Rye bread, partially motivated by the Hairy Bikers – Bakeation – Scandinavian Rye Bread. So I ordered some flour online from Shipton Mill, and because they charge £5 for postage I had to buy enough to make it worth while.

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