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Out With The Old – Baking Stone

In a quick follow up to my previous post on birthday bread books  one of my later presents was a new baking stone. I have previously been using a round pizza stone, but it cracked into three. Whilst this didn’t make it unusable it did become annoying.

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Experiments In Baguettes

So my previous post on baguettes was a stab in the dark, I have now done some more research and boy had I underestimated them. I had never realised the complexity and technicality of baguettes and have learnt many new baking terms and equipment. So to test my new understanding I set about making two different types of loaf a sourdough and a normal – here are my results.

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Baguettes – I’m Back

So apologies first off, when I started this blog I planned to post nearly every day. Essentially every time I baked, but sadly things have not always worked out. Recently I have had a number of failed bakes, coupled with a trip to the states, meaning there has been very little baking from my kitchen. But I am back, and I have a new toy to play with. A baguette baking tray. So I have been testing it out this morning.

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