For all the inspiration I take from the internet I would like to say thanks, to just a few of the blogs which keep me motivated.


Bread In Five

This is an amazing blog, full of ideas and beautiful pictures. It’s probably my number one go to blog when I am lacking ideas for what to make.

I just love the passion of these guys, and the accessibility of their bakes.

One of my favorite recipes is their Rosemary Crescent Rolls, if you can believe they taste better than they look. We made a small batch for my girlfriends parents, but managed to eat the whole lot on the train there.

Wild Yeast

Wild Yeast is a great blog for pictures. It brings together entries from many bread based blogs around the internet, making it an amazing resource for aimlessly looking for ideas.

They also post some of their own bread + recipes, which adds to the allure of the site.

Loaf Online

This place is quite local to me, in Birmingham, so I am especially in favour of it. They also run a cookery school, and I have been put on their waiting list for the sourdough course.

What I really like is some of the technique videos they have posted. I’m a big fan.


Veggie Belly

As a veggie I often struggle with inspiration, and am consistently on the hunt for pictures of food I would want to eat. This website is one of those, the pictures are so vivid and inviting, and the variety of food is fantastic.



I don’t know where my previous link to this blog went but I have to mention DCRainmaker. It is a fantastic tech blog for all things cycling / triathlon. He provides some of the most comprehensive products reviews, and I trust his opinion.

Something about rowing…?

Now I don’t row (Claire did) but this is perhaps one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. The stick drawings perfectly illustrate the mood of training. I love it.



Kiva is a micro lending site, to help backfill loans leant to applicants in the developing world. I really like the personal nature of being able to see the project you are ‘funding’. I also enjoy getting the updates. I highly encourage others to sign up and start lending. When the money is repaid (which is done in small instalments, it then becomes available to withdraw or re-invest.


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