My beloved bread maker. Quite large, but not too much of a problem in my kitchen, more importantly it looks the part in stainless steel.

It has a whole variety of settings, most of which I am yet to explore. Most importantly it has a dough mode, for making the basis of most of my bakes, its a simple 90min cycle that kneads and rises. Other, current, uses are for making bread for the morning, using the delay timer.


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Imperia SP150 Pasta Machine


This little beauty made all the difference. The quality of pasta went through the roof, makes it so smooth it feels like silk. Generally used to make lasagne sheets, which are then cut into the shape / pasta of choice.

Sadly this does not live out, as it would kust get in the way, but it is always close to hand.


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Gaggia Classic Coffee Machine


Coffee plays a very important part of my morning ritual, and therefore my kitchen.

This machine was an amazing birthday present from my partner, who incidentally doesn’t drink coffee, as such every coffee is a bit more special. Whilst I am not a big one for frothed milk (we tend to only drink skimmed in the house and I have never found it to froth well) on the occasions I have tried it, it works well.

My only criticism of the coffee maker is that it takes quite a long time to get going, they advise 5 mins to heat, then flush hot water through, then make your coffee. Which given I rarely drink more than one cup at a time, is quite a long wait. The quality of coffee makes it well worth waiting for.


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