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Christmas Party Baking

Tin of mince pies.

Tin of mince pies

Last weekend we threw a little Christmas soirée (well mulled wine and mince pies) and that involved a lot of baking on my part.

On the menu were mince pies, bread sticks, bread shots and more pfeffernüsse.

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Olympics Round Up

Claire and myself in our Games Maker uniforms holding an Olympic torch, at Sandown race course

Ok so I know there are a few more days left at the Olympics, but my involvement is over and I wanted to talk about it. So for the past few weeks I have been a Games Maker, you know one of those many thousand of volunteers in the distinctive purple outfits that spend their time milling around. That was me.

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Mellow Bakers – June – Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf

I feel like I am on a roll now, 3 posts in 2 days. This bake is my contribution to the Mellow Bakers website, for part of the June bakes. This one is Dan Lepard’s Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf – The Handmade Loaf – Page 100. Actually quite similar to my Lazy Morning Bread – but made by hand and in a ring.

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Paul Hollywood’s Focaccia


This recipe for focaccia is taken from the BBC Food website, written by Paul Hollywood and featured in the Great British Bake Off Season 2 – video.

I claim no credit for this recipe, I made minimal changes except using the bread maker to perform the kneading and first rise.

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First Steps

So much like everyone I have made bread before, but the arrival of my new bread maker marked a new chapter in my bread making story, so I went back to basics to see what I was working with. Where better to start than a standard white loaf. My 2 lb loaf tin had yet to arrive but I did have my 1 lb and selection on 1/2 lb tins, so I made a mix.

The result: Well not the best crust in the world, but a good little bake.


An Introduction

So I have been debating the idea of a blog for a long time now.

I have always been into cooking and baking but never thought to share the results with the wider world. For Christmas I was the proud recipient of a new bread maker and a pasta maker. Determined to not let them live at the back of a cupboard I have set about sourcing inspiration from any books, websites or blogs I could lay my hands on. Delighted with the results I have always wanted to share them, and give something back to the internet baking community. One of my biggest inspirations for writing a food blog was that of a University friend Ha-Na Cha, the beautifully crafted creations on her blog Courgettes and Limes: Recipes and Rhymes have spurred me on.

Whilst the primary topic of this blog is going to be bread, baking, pasta and any other cooking that I think of, I am also liable to post about my other main interests, mainly coffee and cycling.

Whilst I am not normally one for baking cakes my partner is, so I plan to coerce her into contributing her creations.