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Making Cheese


Ricotta in the muslin cloth

A new year, new projects. This one is dedicated to my first attempt at making cheese. A long time ago I bought some vegetarian rennet with the vague idea of making cheese, but it never happened. As luck would have it for Christmas I received a cheese making kit from Claire’s parents. Here is the result.

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San Fran

Ok so I know it has been a really long time since I have blogged, but thats mainly because I haven’t been baking much. On top of that I have spent the last 10 days in the States, both Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

San Fran, the home of sourdough, and believe me I have been having my fill. In addition the coffee has been amazing, and I will have to post about that when I get home.

For now I just wanted to share a photo, or Lombard Street, well known I know, but I love these stitched panoramas. Warning it is about 10MB big if you do download it.

Panorama of Lombard Street




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Olympics Round Up

Claire and myself in our Games Maker uniforms holding an Olympic torch, at Sandown race course

Ok so I know there are a few more days left at the Olympics, but my involvement is over and I wanted to talk about it. So for the past few weeks I have been a Games Maker, you know one of those many thousand of volunteers in the distinctive purple outfits that spend their time milling around. That was me.

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Travels With My Kindle

Now I usually try to keep this blog on-topic, but there are times when I feel I have to post about something not related to bread or bikes. I fear if I was to turn this into a more general purpose blog it would soon become a pit of incoherent rantings, and it would loose the original purpose of documenting my baking efforts. This is an exception.

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