Rick Stein




I don’t get to cook fish / seafood nearly as often as I would like. When I do this book is my first port of call, it is a bible of all things seafood. From technique to identification guides this book is amazing. It makes the often daunting task of fish cookery, appear simple and controlled.

Personally I am a massive fan of Rick Stein, I actually went to one of his seafood cookery courses in Padstow, Cornwall. It was a really insightful, if a little expensive.

As a recipe book this is a little lacking in pictures, perhaps 1/3 of recipes don’t have a picture. Those that do make it all worth while.


Rick Stein

Taste of the Sea


I got this book by mistake, after Seafood. Honestly I was a little disappointed, it has not aged well. Its a book of a different era of cookery, which I have no objection to (I love watching the old episodes of Rick Stein and Floyd on Food on Saturday Kitchen), but it’s not always my idea of desirable food.

I assume do to the costs there are very few pictures in this book at all, one or two pages per chapter.


The Essential Seafood Cookbook


Much like Seafood this book is a bit of an all round guide to fish. As such it is a little bit clinical towards the recipes, and lacking a bit of passion.


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