So I don’t really know what to say here, for those of you who know me there is little more I can add, and for those who don’t there is much to tell.

I am a 24 year old amateur baker and triathlete. I take both quite seriously, but only whilst I still enjoy it.


I have been vegetarian, well technically pescatarian, since I was about 12. Often when questioned about this choice I have little explanation, I am not adamantly ethical or anything deep like that. I turned out of circumstance, and the change stuck. Since then I have always felt happy about that decision, but have always promised myself that if it became counter productive to my health I would return to eating meat. Needless to say that circumstance has yet to manifest, so I am happy being veggie.

Despite the obvious limitations I have always been very passionate about food and cooking, largely to compensate for often bland veggie food.

I started baking more in the past few years, when the quality of my student houses went up, and I had access to better facilities. Since moving into my own house I have relished the opportunity to cook and bake more. I am always on the look out for new recipes and ingredients to experiment with.

So if you have any suggestions of recipes I should be trying please let me know.

Oh and I am currently trying to grow a number of my own ingredients – I hope to post an update soon.


From reading my posts you may get the impression that I am a perfectionist, this isn’t strictly true. I just know what I like and am very honest about it. If this means my bakes aren’t right, then I will say.


In terms of sport I came quite late to the proverbial game, getting into cycling in my third year of Uni, then taking it further to triathlon a year or so later. Since learning to swim with the triathlon club I have enjoyed competing in all aspects of the sport.

I have long understood that my sporting prowess is never going to set the world alight so I stick to competing at the enjoyable level. For me this means club and open time trials in the summer, run races of any distance from 5km to marathon and even the odd swim race. Recently I have been taken by track cycling, but for the moment that remains extra training rather than something to compete at.

I am a massive bike nut, to the point where sometimes I wonder to myself if I actually like bikes more than cycling.


I am doing a PhD in computer science, but it is rather dull to most so I promise not to talk about it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi – thanks for following mine. I also do a bit of running, and when I can be bothered I blog at Fetcheveryone http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog_other.php?id=9685. I think my bread making is better than my running.

    • No problem. Thank you. I used to log to fetch. Then moved to Garmin connect when I got my 310xt. I did race with a fetch team in the round norfolf relay last year. I wouldn’t like to say which ie better my running or my baking but let’s just say I would like to be better at both.

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