Trieste and Napoli (Nespresso)

Arty design on the capsules

Trieste and Napoli capsules

Apologies for another coffee related post, but I am really into it at the moment. Whilst my other posts have focused on my Gaggia coffee maker I do have another a Nespresso Pixie which lives in my office. Hardly artisan coffee, but you know what? I really like it.

I bought my parents a Pixie for Christmas, to replace a filter coffee machine – and reduce mess etc. and they really liked it, oddly enough so did I.

Ok it took the pleasure out of making the coffee, but when you just want a drink, it was spot on. So to anyone considering a Nespresso coffee maker I would say go for it. It is nothing like owning a real coffee maker, but if your goal is a drink rather than a hobby they are perfect.

My Gaggia takes about 8 minutes to make a cup of coffee (warming the machines, grinding the beans, etc), the Nespresso takes ~20 seconds to warm, and another 20 seconds to draw. So a cup in under a minute – can’t get much better. I think the most important thing is that the coffee isn’t half bad.

We buy a range of flavours from the Nespresso Club, and they are not that expensive (~30p / capsule) – which is only marginally more expensive than the way I buy coffee beans (~£13 / 500g = 26p assuming a 10g dose).

The selection of flavours is also quite good, currently I am flipping between Columbian and Brazilian beans at home, and there are single origin Columbian (Rosabaya) and Brazilian (Dulsao). Both are very pleasant, with the Columbian as my general preference (due to the bolder flavour, 6/10 rather than 4/10). Another notable flavour is the ‘Linizio Lungo’ a Nespresso Grand Cru flavour – which although is a Lungo (long – 110ml) I prefer to draw it as an espresso (40ml).

In this blog post I wanted to cover two new limited edition Grand Cru flavours – Trieste and Napoli – as a tribute to the two Italian towns. Trieste is a 100% Arabica coffee where as Napoli is a blend of Arabica and Robusta, with a slightly longer roast. This is reflected in the strengths, 9/10 and 11/10 respectively. Though I should note they also recommend the Napoli as a ristretto (25ml) – which is mental.

I have really taken to the Trieste is has a really nice flavour, and whist strong has no bitterness or burn. The Napoli on the other hand is just too strong for me, whilst the flavour is nice it is just too overpowering. I have found that by dropping a shot into a white americano it makes a lovely strong cup, but that is the only way I can enjoy it. The Trieste is lovely as an espresso or a black americano.

The only disappointment is that the special editions are sold as a pair (10 of each), with a Nespresso Club order having to be increments of 50, thus making it a pain. Plus in all honestly I would rather order more of the Trieste than the Napoli. The really sad thing is that they will be gone soon, and I will miss them (I am contemplating stockpiling whilst they are available).

This has got me into thinking about previous special editions, which I have missed. Such as:

  • Naora – Special late harvest beans.
  • Onirio – Ethiopian single origin

I might have to pay over the odds on ebay to give them a try.



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One thought on “Trieste and Napoli (Nespresso)

  1. John says:

    I recently bought a Nespresso machine and I’ve been surprised at some of the snobbery around coffee I’ve read (not here!) Your line, “but if your goal is a drink rather than a hobby they are perfect” summed it up for me.

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