Tiger Sourdough

Tiger sourdough

Tiger sourdough

A bit of a first for me, tiger bread (a Dutch crust to some) but with a sourdough base. The fact it was sourdough is not so important, but personally I think this is one of the best loaves I have made in a long time. I also use a sourdough starter method which does not require a very active ferment, great for the occasional sourdough baker.

I mentioned in a recent post that I mostly keep my starter in the fridge. The problem is I then resent the ~3 days to get it back to life. So recently I have taken to hybrid bakes, a low activity starter with some extra yeast. For this loaf I reactivated my starter the night before, this way it was alive but not very lively. This way I use a lot of starter, 200g so substitue 100g from both the flour and water. Without the starter just use a standard 350g water 500g flour.

  • 200g Sourdough starter
  • 250g Water (slightly warm)
  • 1 tsp Dried yeast
  • 400g White bread flour
  • 10g Salt

I whisked the starter with the warm water and the yeast, and left to rest for ~5 minutes. Then mix in the flour and salt, and knead – usual slap and fold method for 10 minutes.

I then left this to prove for about 3 hours somewhere warm. This is actually quite hard in our kitchen given how cold it is at the moment, so I went for the cup warmer of my coffee maker.

Knock the dough back and shape it into  a boule and leave in a floured banneton for another 2-3 hours. With about 10 minutes to go start making the tiger topping.

  • 2 tbsp Brown rice flour
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • 1/2 tsp Dried yeast
  • 1/2 tsp Golden syrup

Mix this all together into a light paste and leave for 5 minutes. Turn out the dough and paint with the tiger mixture, then slash as desired.

Bake for about 40 minutes – high heat at first then knock it down after 10 minutes.

The result should be a really soft crumb with a crusty finish which has a little sweet kick to it. I am so going to be making this again.




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6 thoughts on “Tiger Sourdough

  1. looks very nice – know what you mean about the kitchen temps, mine’s positively baltic and I tried sourdough this week and it wasn’t really having any of it at all. I also don’t like the time you have to plan ahead to get the sourdough starter going

    • It really is a pain. I did a batch of hot cross buns the other day, and they didn’t rise at all. They were like bullets, tasty tasty bullets. Making a new batch at the moment, in the bread maker to ensure consistant heat. On another note I’m going to nip over to your blog to get in on the salt discussion.

      • I let my buns go for it overnight – nice and puffy! I think I’ve already eaten 3 today. Please do add to the salt thing if you’ve more to say. I’ve had loads of hits since doing the Paul Hollywood loaves, so it’s interesting seeing what people are searching for.

      • Forgot to point out I have also biked a gnats whisker under 25 miles today and got my feet frozen off, so I deserved the buns

      • Oh, how is the training coming along for London-Surrey.

      • owing to the weather, the training is not as good as I would have liked. I have biked 249 miles so far this year, 145 of which were in March. On the basis of marathon training I think I need to multiply this monthly figure by 3 or 4 times by July.

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