Richard Bertinet’s Fougasse

Hanging fougasse

Hanging fougasse

Time for a slightly more recent post. Fougasse. A very simple bread, with a lovely shape. Taken from Richard Bertinet’s book Dough, it uses the basic dough recipe, but makes an aesthetically beautiful loaf. For those who follow me on Twitter / Instagram then you will have seen some early pictures of this, and I can honestly say I enjoyed making this as much as I did eating it.

By know people who read this will know I will not transcribe recipes out of books on to this blog, go and buy the book you will not regret it, but it has been reproduced as a recipe as part of the Telegraph food section – Here. So if you want to reproduce it give it a try.

The only thing I did differently is he recommends maize flour for dusting, and I used brown rice flour – not sure it made much difference.


We enjoyed eating ours with a home made creamy tomato soup, and loads of butter. When you tear them they are very similar to dough balls, perfect for dipping in the soup.




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