A Weekend For Bagels

I sat at the breakfast table yesterday wondering what to do with my day. Things have gotten quite busy recently so bread making has become more of a weekend activity, when I have the time. So flicking through Crust I wanted something simple yet worthy of a day of baking. What better than bagels.

I had never made bagels before, always been tempted, but never tried. The recipe I chose to start with was taken from Richard Bertinet’s book Crust, one of my favourites. His recipe is based on a dough with a starter, but sadly my starter is tucked up in the fridge, so no option of reviving it in time. He does provide the option of making a quick ferment, which takes about two hours, so I took that option, and it worked well.

Making the bagels, with the rolling pin to make the holes.

Due to the minimal amount of yeast in the dough I didn’t expect them to rise much, and they didn’t. That is until they hit the water, where they grew massively, what a great idea. They then baked for a very short period of time, with a selection of toppings (poppy seeds, sesame seeds or plain).

Boiling the bagels in batches

The recipe worked fantastically, though I did get 14 bagels out of the dough, where he suggests 12. I think 12 would perhaps have been better in terms of size, but that might just be me being greedy.

Full batch of bagels, 6x Poppy Seed, 4x Sesame Seed & 4x Plain.

The only problem with this bake was completely my fault. I didn’t grease the baking paper before putting the bagels on it, so some stuck. Really I needed to do them in batches on the baking stone. Lessons for next time, and with bagels this good for breakfast it won’t be long.

Bagels looking good enough to eat.

I should also note that within the time it took me to make these bagels a friend posted a bagel related blog post over on What? Bread?

So it really was a weekend for bagels.



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One thought on “A Weekend For Bagels

  1. Nice work again Olly – we must be psychic or something. I’ve got some more on the go right now and thinking about seedy tops again.

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