More Bike Repairs

Having given my commuting bike a new lease of life with a Single Speed conversion  I have been enjoying riding it around, until it broke on on me. Literally the handle bar just snapped. So I took the opportunity to perform a few repairs / upgrades.

Given the bearings in the headset were so rusty that I basically had indexed steering I decided to replace that along with some new bars and bar tape. Sadly due to so many handle bar sizes I ended up buying slightly the wrong size for my stem, so I had to buy a new stem as well.

New Parts:

  • Stronglight 1″ threaded chrome headset
  • 25.8 mm 3TTT Gran Prix handlebars also in chrome
  • 3TTT Status quill stem in grey – not quite the perfect match
  • Cinelli cotton handle bar tape
  • Vittoria Zaffiro black and white tyres

Mostly bought from Planet X who are great for NOS kit.

The Build

I have never replaced a headset, and without the proper tools it turned into a screwdriver and a hammer job, success none the less.

Everything else was fairly standard, once I worked out how to open the quill stem to thread the handle bars through.

And there we have it, a new lease of life.

I’m now back to being a very happy cyclist.



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