Flour Supplies and More Bread

Yesterday saw a trip to the velodrome in Newport with a return journey via Shipton Mill. The perfect combination of bread and bikes. The velodrome was great as usual but having never been to Shipton Mill I was intrigued to see what I would find. What I left with was 7 kg of new flour and a new book, and that made me very happy.

A trip to the velodrome + Shipton Mill was a birthday promise from Claire, but due to Olympics commitments we hadn’t had a chance to make it down (the 4am start doesn’t endeer itself to a busy schedule). So with our first free week we made the trip down.

Not sure what I would find at Shipton Mill I took them up on their offer to drop by. I had sort of imagined a quaint small family business with a mill. If I had paid more than a second to that image I would have realised that they are quite a large company with a massive selection and wide distribution. So yes the premises are a farm style building with a water mill, but they are also an office to deal with all the orders / admin. Sadly the miller wasn’t around to give a tour of the mill, but I was reliably informed they do do tours. Never mind, the people were lovely, and were more than happy to talk about flour and bread, and it’s that passion that is most important.

7 kg of flour from Shipton Mill

I have to admit I usually buy my flour from Tesco, I know it’s not the best but I quite like the Alinson white flour, and the Dove Farm spelt. So at Shipton Mill I was mainly looking for the different flour, things I can’t normally lay my hands on. After listening closely to the comments of people I made a few tactical purchases – some semolina for dusting, and Kamut for everyone who has recommended it. Amongst other things I also bought some french flour, for more baguettes, some wholemeal spelt, and some 5 seed mix. I also came away with a new book, Richard Bertinet’s Crust. Already having his book Dough, I love it, and would love to take his techniques further, so I am very excited.

To celebrate all the new flour I decided to make a loaf out of Dough, for a multi-seed loaf, using the new 5 seed mix.

I really like the basic white and wholemeal recipes from this book, and the technique is really simple with great results. The only problem with this recipe is it uses two loaf tins, and I only have 1 full size. So I made rolls out of the remaining dough.

This bake was a great success, the loaf is very tasty, though a little on the small side, I wonder if baking the full dough into one loaf wouldn’t have been better. Next time.



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