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More Bike Repairs

Having given my commuting bike a new lease of life with a Single Speed conversion  I have been enjoying riding it around, until it broke on on me. Literally the handle bar just snapped. So I took the opportunity to perform a few repairs / upgrades.

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Flour Supplies and More Bread

Yesterday saw a trip to the velodrome in Newport with a return journey via Shipton Mill. The perfect combination of bread and bikes. The velodrome was great as usual but having never been to Shipton Mill I was intrigued to see what I would find. What I left with was 7 kg of new flour and a new book, and that made me very happy.

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Olympics Round Up

Claire and myself in our Games Maker uniforms holding an Olympic torch, at Sandown race course

Ok so I know there are a few more days left at the Olympics, but my involvement is over and I wanted to talk about it. So for the past few weeks I have been a Games Maker, you know one of those many thousand of volunteers in the distinctive purple outfits that spend their time milling around. That was me.

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