New Bread Books

So have I mentioned it was our Birthday recently. (Claire and I share a birthday, which makes it like Christmas). We had various treats and activities planned to celebrate, and a number of them involved bread. Amongst other things I got two new bread cookery books (Dough and The Bread Baker’s Apprentice).

I will post a proper review of the books soon but for now I have been working my way through some of the recipes in Dough.

So far I have made 2 bakes from this book:

  • Focaccia
  • Poppy seed stars

These were made for a little dinner party Clare and I were hosting, and we wanted to make some nibbles. More than that we wanted to show off, so full of inspiration from the new books I set about making poppy /sesame seed stars.

As per recipes from books I won’t actually post the full recipe.


These stars are based on a very simple wholemeal dough (2:3 white to wholemeal), shaped into little balls.

They are then cut and rolled inside out to form stars, at which point I dipped the tops in poppy seeds or sesame seeds. Then baked until golden.

Personally I think these are great, they were a fantastic table piece, if a little bit impratically shaped.


Having made focaccia before I knew what to expect. Except this recipe was a little different, slightly more oil than expected.

The end result was that it came out a little ‘bready’ rather than the slightly crispier focaccia I am used to. I think I put that down to the thickness (I couldn’t find a bigger tray). Either way it was very tasty, and I would definitely make it again. Apologies for not providing a picture of it baked, I was in such a rush to eat it I completely forgot.

All in all I am very happy with the book, it is full of inspiring picture of bread you want to eat. Unlike some of the other books I have it focuses more on elaborate versions of basic leaves, rather than slightly more left field bakes. So you can imagine wanting to eat everything in the book.



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2 thoughts on “New Bread Books

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  2. Bertinet’s “Crust” is wonderful too – more slow fermentation and sourdough recipes.

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