Fibre Flare

This is perhaps the most overdue post yet. I bought this product on a bit of a whim back in May and haven’t had a chance to properly test it, until last night. So it’s about time for a review I think. For those of you who don’t know the Fibre Flare is a flexible strip light for your bike / self. Designed to be visible not to see by.

No whilst I already have a perfectly good rear light for my commuting bike (Smart 1/2 Watt) which has a great field of visibility it just doesn’t fit on my TT bike.

Many cycling clubs are bringing in rules to say every rider must have a rear light for visibility during races, as a result of a number of accidents / deaths at club races. Sadly the best time trial courses are often the busiest, and we wouldn’t want peoples times to slip by banning dual carriage way courses. So a rear light is a very sensible option in my mind.

Sadly having an aero seat post means that standard light mounts just don’t work which gives you only a few options:

  • Something specific – Fizik Blin:k which fits into Fizik saddles
  • Generic elastic lights – Knog do a great range of these – Like this

Neither of these two options is exactly right for what I was after, then I came across the Fibre Flare, more expensive than some of the other rear lights, but in my mind infinitely more useful.

The  point of a rear light in a TT is to be seen, most TTs are in the evening during the summer months – last nights race started at 7pm and it was still light at 10pm, so it really isn’t to see by, rather just to be seen. So a good rear light, should be big and clear, essentially a giant sign saying “please don’t run me over, I’m just riding my bike”. The Fibre Flare is just that, big and bold enough to be seen whilst it is still light, and versatile enough to be used in many different situations, with the added bonus of it fitting my bike.

Previously I have used it strapped to the seat post, bit it is a bit long, so it dangles down a bit, but I found it really works well on the right hand side seat stay. This way it is clearly visible to all cars coming past (as they will overtake on the right hand side).

The light takes 2 AAA batteries and is flexible, to fit around any shape or obstacle. For the weight conscious I think I recorded it at just under 200g. All in all a nice bit of kit, and last night it was met with some serious approval from the local TT club. I received numerous comments about how much of a good idea it was, and where can people get one from. As for its purpose, you can see from the photos of my bike after I got home that it was still very light and yet the Flare is clearly visible. Defiantly worth the £25 I paid, and come this winter I plan on kitting out my commuting bike with a couple of them.



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