Travels With My Kindle

Now I usually try to keep this blog on-topic, but there are times when I feel I have to post about something not related to bread or bikes. I fear if I was to turn this into a more general purpose blog it would soon become a pit of incoherent rantings, and it would loose the original purpose of documenting my baking efforts. This is an exception.

Last week I became the proud owner of a Kindle Touch. Reading for me has always been one of those things I idealise, I enjoy it but it has to be done regularly. Previously I have had jobs which have required a large amount of commuting, in such circumstances I loved to pass the time by reading. Sadly due to the limited attention I could afford to a book whilst on a bust train I would only every read very light fiction.

Now that I do not commute my reading is often as minimal as 20 minutes here and there, generally before bed. So why would I want a Kindle? That is a question I have asked myself many times before, hearing people raving about them, and loving the idea, but not seeing a practical role in my day to day life.

Well in a very uncharacteristic impulse Claire and I bough ourselves matching Kindles as an early birthday present. We share the same birthday and so there is a childish level of hype as we egg each other on, similar to Christmas. I’m not entirely sure why we had set our minds on Kindles but we had and there was no escaping it.

So two weeks ago we collected our package from Tesco direct and dove into the world of e-books. I don’t think either of us has looked back since. Whilst I would love to post of comprehensive review of the Kindle I struggle to see the point when so many before me have done a better job than I could ever imagine doing. So for those of you reading all I offer is my opinion, as eloquently as it flows from my mind.

Matching Kindle Cases

Two Kindles

Having had a chance to really play with the Kindle I can honestly say I love it. I am so enthused my the clarity of the e-ink that I don’t even miss the feel of a real book. I didn’t ever imagine loosing myself in a bit of technology, with the same romance as a book, but I can honestly say it happens. The turning of the pages, with a light tap of the screen, is so intuitive that it entirely fails to interrupt the story, allowing you to drift deeper.

I am inherently one of those people you should never lend a book too. I will take too long to read it, and no doubt it will come back with bent edge and a cracked spine. As I often do a lot of my reading whilst traveling books will tend to live in the bottom of my bag, and needless to say they don’t always come out in pristine condition. With the Kindle I laugh in the face of my book eating bag, and I couldn’t be happier.

As the title of this post alludes to I am actually traveling with my kindle at the moment. I have been in Venice for the last week, technically on the peaceful island of San Servolo just off main Venice. It has given me the chance to read more, to fully evaluate the Kindle, and to test out one of its most appealing features, the ability to read in the sun. Many have suggested “Why get a Kindle when an iPad does everything and more”, well it doesn’t. I am currently writing this post sat in a cafe in the midday sun, squinting at my Mac screen and almost entirely unable to read my phone. The Kindle on the other hand is majestic in its clarity, basking in the rays of sunlight. Not only that but I haven’t even considered charging it since I have been here as a week has barely dented its battery.

One of my favourite reading spots

So you know what I have fallen for this little device, it doesn’t replace any of the tech I would normally carry around with me, but there is something so simple about a single purpose device, that does its job without any sacrifices. I also love having only brought 1 book with me for a week, no need to worry about running out, or the weight of carrying many paper books. Don’t get me wrong, this is not just a holiday toy, back under the overcast skies of Warwickshire with a whole bookshelf to choose from I will still take the Kindle over paper.



P.S. Fear not bread lovers I will be back in Blighty soon enough, with a whole host of baking ideas.

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4 thoughts on “Travels With My Kindle

  1. I knew I was lost when I was reading a paper book and put my finger on a word to get the definition … now the only paper books I buy are … cookbooks, go figure. I love my iPad.

  2. Oh and I love your “pit of incoherent rantings”.

  3. Han-Na says:

    Nice review on the kindle – but I’m not swapping my iPad for one

    • No, despite their similarities they serve two different purposes.
      Which is why we are off to London this weekend to pick our iPad up.
      We made the decision that we wanted a Kindle each for reading, and an iPad between us for film + stuff.

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