Jubilee 10km Swim – An Alternative Way To Celebrate

So baking (and bikes) aside one of my other jubilee celebrations was taking part in the Jubilee 10km Swim aptly named not just because of the date, but also the location – the jubilee river in Eton. Now I didn’t do the full 10km, but rather did it as a relay team of 2, and it was great fun.

The (part of the) river is split into 4 sections marked by 3 weirs, which formed the hand over points for the 4 legs of the swim. The distances of the 4 legs were:

  1. 1.9km – Olly – 29m 57s
  2. 3.5km – Olly – 1h 04m 35s
  3. 2.6km – Sarah – 38m 26s
  4. 1.5km – Sarah – 20m 25s

I know what you are thinking that doesn’t add up to 10km, but you then have to factor in the walk along the bank around each weir.

Anyway I was doing the first 2 legs (5.4km) and my partner in crime Sarah was doing the last 2 (4.1km). Claire, who is a faster swimmer than me was in another team of 2, with another fast swimmer from the club, Helen. We also had 2 other teams from the club entered, a 2 man (Sasha and Mark) and a 4 man (Nick, Cath, Anna and Ha-Na). All in all a good turn out from Warwick Uni Tri.

The problem with straight line swimming is you can not judge how far back you are. We were split into groups, based on ability, and we were in group 1, and we were supposed to stick (roughly) together. Not knowing how many people were behind me made me paranoid that I was last in the group, and was holding up the rest of the race. Fortunately this was not the case and I actually had quite a good swim. Leg 2 was a tough one, without any distance markers there was little to judge my progress by. Previous long distance swims, the 3.6km Thames Hampton Court swim last year, had some distance markers, all I could do this time round was try and perceive how much time had passed, with a rough estimation of how long it would take. Needless to say this was mentally very tough and motivation near the end was very low.

Overall the race (if you want to call it that, honestly it was far more relaxed with cake between the legs) was great fun, even better doing it with a gang of mates. We had a nice picnic after and it was a lovely way to finish the bank holiday jubilee weekend. The organisers did a fantastic job, there was plenty of food and drink and a packet of biscuits/cup in the finishers bag. Win!

Time to start looking for the next adventure endurance race. 10km Buttermere Swim anyone?

BTW I don’t have split times yet, they should appear online at some point and I will post them on here for anyone interested. Also I wouldn’t give too much attention to trying to spot me in the swim, all swimmers look the same.




== Edit ==

So the results are finally up, Sarah and I finished in a combined time of 2h 33m, I have added the splits to the post.

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