Mellow Bakers – June – Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf

I feel like I am on a roll now, 3 posts in 2 days. This bake is my contribution to the Mellow Bakers website, for part of the June bakes. This one is Dan Lepard’s Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf – The Handmade Loaf – Page 100. Actually quite similar to my Lazy Morning Bread – but made by hand and in a ring.

As with all my Dan Lepard bakes I am not going to post the recipe – buy the book.


I was quite happy with this loaf, it has a good shape, it was nice to work with and has a beautiful smell.

There are a few points I would like to make regarding it though.

I think the amount of oil in the recipe is a bit high, made the dough a bit greasy, but didn’t appear to effect the bake / taste much, so perhaps not a problem.

I baked it too hot, despite following the instructions and taking it out about 10 mins early it was starting to burn. So next time I would perhaps knock the temperature down a bit, there is nothing worse than the taste of burnt raisins.

Lastly the shape – whilst visually pleasing it is rather impractical. Trying to make toast with it means you need quite a few slices and that means a lot of crust. I think I will keep the recipe but perhaps play with the shape.

Despite all of this I am happy with it, and it is always good to do something a bit different.



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3 thoughts on “Mellow Bakers – June – Raisin and Cinnamon Loaf

  1. Doing my bloggage now – glad to see you had some of the same problems!

    • Yep, I saw that you had posted you were going to, and it looked too good not to try + saved going to Tesco for something for breakfast.
      Come on then where are you pics.

  2. Lovely to read you feedback on this recipe. Will give it a go at the weekend – I think i will uses a long cane banneton instead – will post photos of the result. also combines bread and bikes!

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