Sourdough – Are We Nearly There Yet?

So I have taken a couple of weeks away from sour dough. For no real reason beyond I was growing tired of failure. So I decided to take a step back, regrow my passion and try again. That attempt happened today (well over the past day or so) – and I consider it a real step in the right direction.

One of my biggest problems with sourdough is the wetness. This has a couple of major implications, firstly it makes the dough very hard to work with, secondly it makes it stick to everything in sight, and lastly it looses all its shape when you try to bake it.

So I changed my ratio. I have previously worked off the 1:2:3 ration (Starter:Water:Flour), with the starter at 100% hydration.

Thus a normal loaf would be 100 g starter 200 g water and 300 g flour.

This time I decided to push up the flour to 350 g. (Making it a 2:4:7) – 100% white flour.

It still needed a bit of care and attention, but it kept the shape much better, and is probably one of my best looking sourdoughs to date.


Well the bake looks really good – bit of an odd shape but who is counting? The crumb is really open, a bit less evenly distributed than I would have otherwise hoped for, but I really like it.

As for taste I am really happy with this loaf. It isn’t too sour, but does have a slight kick. It has a firm crust with an almost rubbery texture to the inner. It works really well in my opinion. I think this is definitely going to be my foundation for the next loaf.



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3 thoughts on “Sourdough – Are We Nearly There Yet?

  1. FEARN says:

    Nice loaf, nice rationale.

    How much salt did you add? I only ask because you mention the almost rubbery texture which suggests a little.

  2. I really admire the fact that you haven’t given up on the sourdough:) My first attempt at a sourdough loaf is in the oven at the moment and I can’t wait to try it!

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