Rye Rolls For Soup

As promised I am back on track with a bread related post. Not a sourdough post but some tasty little rolls for last nights soup. To give them a bit of depth they are mix of White and Rye flour. Also a perfect experiment for the newly repaired oven. I hope you would agree that the results are worth the effort.

With all the sourdough baking I have had to anticipate a bake at least 24h in advance, so the idea of making something in under 3 hours has become a little new to me. So the plan was to make some little rolls to go with the evenings soup (Spiced Red Lentil and Coconut).

The recipe was just a standard white loaf but with some of the white flour replaced with dark rye, to add a bit of depth and texture.

Whilst I have strayed away from heavily yeasted bread and adding sugar and oil, this bake was designed to be quick, so I thought they were needed to get a good dough quickly. If you are taking your time I would recommend removing them. The high yeast content is also to avoid the dense style loaf that can result from rye. Perhaps something to play with in the future.

I ended up making 7 rolls out of this dough, which worked out about right, I think 8 would have made them a little small, but perhaps 6 would have been ok. Either way it worked out rather well in my opinion.


  • 250 g White flour
  • 100 g Dark rye flour
  • 230 ml Water
  • 2 tsp Yeast (Dried easy bake)
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Sugar
  • 1 tsp Olive oil


As I said I was in a rush, so I made a program for my bread maker, consisting of 10 min kneading, followed by a 30 min rise.

Once out I kneaded the dough a bit more, then shaped into little flat rolls. Due to the size and the shape, it was quite hard to generate any tension in the surface, but I did my best in the time.

I then left to rise again, this time for a bit longer, closer to an hour. I did this rise in the top oven whilst the main oven was preheating, with the door open. I wouldn’t normally rise in such a warm place but again this was a speed bake. You just have to keep the surface of the rolls moist to stop it crusting.

When risen I gave them a milk wash, and a single slash. Then transfered to the preheated baking stone, and baked at 210°C, with steam, for 10 mins, then turned it down to 160°C for another 20 mins. Just before they came out I turned the rolls over, to ensure the base got a nice finish, as they can come out a tad damp due to the lack of air flow.

They were then served warm, so the butter just melted on touch.


Despite all the short cuts I took with this bake, I was really happy with it. They all came out roughly similar in shape and size (I need to get into weighing the dough as I divide it).

They coloured up really well, with a nice thin crust, and soft crumb. Not what I am used to with my sourdough bakes, but there is a time and place. Frankly they were spot on for soup, the only problem was I didn’t make nearly enough.

Whilst the addition of the rye was a bit of an experiment I think it really worked, they didn’t come out too dense (like rye often does) but had that little bit of extra flavour that you don’t get from 100% white. I would be half tempted to push the ratio up perhaps even 50/50 if they had time for a proper prove cycle.



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One thought on “Rye Rolls For Soup

  1. Mal says:

    Looks great. As an alternative to (or in addition to) bumping up the rye, have you tried adding some “old dough” from a previous day’s bake. This transforms a “quick” loaf into something else.

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