What’s Eating My Coriander?

Another non bread related post, but just a little on. Don’t worry I have more bread projects on the go, so expect more posts soon.

So I grow some of my own herbs, I have some in the greenhouse that are grown from seed and some on the windowsill. I have noticed recently that the ones on the windowsill are covered in little bugs – sort of flies and larvae. They live on the underside of the leaves, as you can see from the picture, but they will not die.

I have tried washing them off with warm soapy water, but they come back within a few days. I worry that the soil is ‘infected’ and I am going to have to chuck the whole container. Which is a shame a they don’t appear to be interested in the parsley growing next to the coriander. I just hope the ones in the greenhouse don’t suffer the same fate.


Any thoughts would be gratefully received.




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2 thoughts on “What’s Eating My Coriander?

  1. Mal says:

    Just seen your post. Ooh that’s not nice. Most sources state for coriander, pests: none, diseases: none
    But this source is more detailed:http://www.onthegreenfarms.com/fruit-vegetable/how-to-grow-organic-cilantro-coriander/
    Looks like plain old aphids and lots of them. If the plants are already stressed they seem to attack them more. How did you get leaf at this time of year? Encouraging ladybirds might help in future but that doesn’t help now! I would dispose of any infected plants quickly in a sealed bag for a few weeks before composting or otherwise burn them so as to stop the population explosion! Hope you are not growing broad beans nearby because they can really go for them. Good luck!

    • Hey, thanks for that. Yer I think you might be right about it being aphids. Incidentally a ladybird has made himself at home and is eating them. I think I may need to recruit a few more. There doesn’t appear to be much damage on the leave, but I doubt the bugs are doing them any good.
      As for having leaves at this time of year, they are grown from seed, but always grown inside, where it is nice and warm with lots of sun.
      My ones in the green house are just showing their first leaves, but wont be ready for a few weeks.
      The problem does seem centralised to my kitchen, nothing in the garden is being effected (nearly as badly).
      Thanks for the feedback, it is really useful.

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