Sunday Morning Spelt

So given how fowl the weather has been this weekend I wanted to make a nice warming loaf of bread for Sunday breakfast / brunch. Claire missed my last spelt loaf as she was away so was looking forward to trying something it. I think this bake did the trick. Only small, to ensure its eaten whilst fresh, this little loaf made the most perfect toast.

Firstly sorry for the long delay between posts. I have been very busy with work and have been away from home a lot, so a lack of baking. Oh how I have missed it. I have one or two things that I would like to get around to posting about but we will see if they ever materialise. Including a sourdough pizza.

It is quite obvious that Claire is less enthused by sourdough than I am, and my constant quest to use up my starter has resulted in a lot of sourdough bakes. So this time I decided to employ some of my sourdough skills to a normal loaf. Using my own recipe.


  • 200 g White bread flour
  • 150 g Spelt four
  • 230 g Water
  • 2 tsp Dried yeast
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Sugar

The fundamental method behind this bake way to mix the short kneading intervals and overnight proving of sourdough with a normal yeast bake.

So mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave for 10 mins. Knead for a minute and leave to rest again, for a bit longer (~ 30 mins).

Knead once again for a minute, then leave in a bowl in the fridge over night.

In the morning knock back and leave to rise in a warm place for an hour. Then shape and leave to rise again whilst the oven preheats, this turned out to be ~1 hour for me. Turn out and slash.

Bake for 10 mins at ~220 °C, with steam, then turn down to ~160 °C for another 35 mins.
Leaving it to rise over night in the fridge does two things (in my opinion) lets the dough develop slowly, meaning it requires less kneading, and two makes it a lot quicker to make in the morning – saving me having to get up at stupid o’clock to put the bread on.


The quick blast at the hot temperature gives a lovely crust and seals the loaf for a nice soft inner.

The mixture of the spelt and the white flour gave a lovely texture with a slightly darker taste, compared to an all white loaf.

In my opinion this was spot on. Almost the whole loaf was eaten in one sitting, the sign of a good bake.

For the record I had mine with scrambled eggs, and claire had hers with a mixture of jam and peanut butter (separately), and it worked equally well for both.


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