Dan Lepard’s Sunflower (+ Pumpkin Seed) Bread

Yet another bake from the Dan Lepard’s – The Handmade Loaf. This time the sunflower bread – Page 93. Generally a little dense but it served as a perfect post race snack as it just soaks up butter. Quite a small loaf but it is packed with flavour and tasty seeds.

My main modification to this bread is the inclusion of pumpkin seeds as well as sunflower seeds, I didn’t have enough of each, so I went halves.

I don’t know how dense the loaf should have been, the picture in the book doesn’t show it sliced, so I can only guess it is about right, but it was a very heavy dough from the start with basically a 1:1 ratio of flour to seeds. I guess thats the point though.

The actual bake went well, but I slashed a bit deep and it got a little bit burnt. (I still haven’t got used to using the top oven, I hope the fan oven gets fixed soon)


Whilst not an everyday bread I really liked this little loaf, there is something warm about it.

Personally I would add a bit more salt, but thats just me. I think you could also tone down the seeds a bit, without loosing the essence of the bread but would make it a bit softer. Next time.




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