Dan Lepard’s Quick White Loaf

Finally I have gotten around to baking one of this months 3 Mellow Bakes, but perhaps the most boring, the simple white loaf (this months other choices are Flaky Butter Buns and Cherry Fennel and Rye Loaf).

The main reason for this loaf was actually to go back to basics, and remember what a simple plain white loaf is like. No sourdough starter, no different flour, just nice and simple. So why not do one of the mellow bakes at the same time?

The loaf is very simple, but uses a mix of plain and strong white flour, and milk. My changes to the recipe were to use dried yeast instead of fresh and skimmed milk instead of a mix of whole-fat and water.

As for changes to the method, I made the dough in the bread maker, and then proved it in the basked (I hope it still counts).


I don’t often eat 100% white bread, as it bores me a little, but something so simple as tasty as this is any but boring. The bake gave it a lovely crust, with a soft white center. Everything you could hope for from a simple white loaf. I completely agree with Dan, this is perfect for sandwiches.



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3 thoughts on “Dan Lepard’s Quick White Loaf

  1. Susanne says:

    The loaf came out wonderfully – love the look of the crust and crumb. I’ve been debating whether or not to try this one for the MB’ers (or stick to sourdough), and these images make a great case for giving it a go…

  2. Small sandwiches! Well done.

  3. Ray says:

    I’d echo that the crumb looks great. I’m more interested in the sourdough recipes but the fun of challenges like these is trying something different. Those flaky butter buns look out of my comfort zone but we shall see next sunday…..

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