The Mill Loaf

Another day another bread. Again this one is taken from Dan Lepard’s The Handmade Loaf, and is his Mill Loaf – Page 30.

I have made this loaf before, with a few changes as it was my first sourdough. So this time I wanted to follow the recipe a bit closer, with a slightly more developed starter, for a deeper flavour.

Sticking with my previous promise of not publishing the recipe or the method, I will just document the changes I made, and provide a selection of photos to gude / inspire. Hence the change in format.

Recipe Change:

Firstly I halved the recipe, down to a combined 500 g of flour. I also used dark rye flour, as I am now out of light. Rather than the malted grains I went for malt extract. I also used a mixture of rye + white starter as I don’t have that that quantity of either to spare.

Method Change:

What with the standard method taking all day, I striped it down, only 2 knead prove cycles, but slightly longer. Then I did a final prove overnight.

I also didn’t need to bake for as long, so cut it down to 45 mins.



I am really happy with the result, it has a much darker taste to it, down to the rye and malt extract, but is very tasty. Not quite such an open crumb as the one in his picture, but I am still happy. I will enjoy eating this over the next few days – I love how sourdough keeps that bit longer.
After recent failures I am glad to be back on track with such a beautiful loaf.



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2 thoughts on “The Mill Loaf

  1. That does look nice – I can almost smell it.

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