Failed Oat and Apple Bread

I hadn’t intended on posting this, as it was a failure in many respects. We all have them and it’s what we learn from them that is important. Having written a post earlier today about my main problem with the loaf – very wet dough I thought I should really illustrate the problem.

I’m going to be very honest in this post, and if that highlights failings in my baking skill and technique I hope you don’t judge me.

The recipe was Dan Lepard’s Rolled Oat and Apple Bread – Page 82 of The Handmade Loaf.

I actually followed this recipe for a change, not swapping in and out other ingredients, as I quite often do. Saying that don’t let my failure with this loaf put you off trying it, it appears to be just me who had a problem. So please try it and give me your feedback and experiences.

The Problem:

I think the root of the problem was that the apples were grated too finely and so gave off a lot of juice, which I added.

This made the dough very wet, and it was a case of stirring rather than kneading. I decided to live with this.

The real problem came trying to get the dough out of the proving basket after a night in the fridge. It was so stuck to the sides there was nothing to be done. I eventually scraped it out onto the (pre-heated) baking stone, with some semblance of shape, but it then just flowed. Not wanting a 1/2″ slab of bread I quickly scooped it up into a loaf tin.

Sadly the bottom had started to cook from the baking stone – done worry I have learn’t my lesson and wont be doing that again, silicon sheets all the way. This left a ‘seam’ that ran through the bread. As it was meant for breakfast I didn’t have time for another rise, so I just baked it and lived with my brick.


Brick? Yes. Tasty brick? Yes.

It came out more of a cake (think malt loaf crossed with apple pie). Given the flour on top looks like icing sugar I would be almost tempted to call it a cake.

Other than being very dense it is actually quite nice, I have been eating it as thick slices toasted with jam on. Still, I think I have learnt my lesson.

For those who are wondering what I am complaining about, here is a blog post with a successful bake of this recipe – Sweet Sins complete with a beautiful picture.



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