Tea Flower

Claire is back from California and brought home a little something. A bag of tea flowers. Now I know these are available in the UK, but we had never thought to buy them, and Claire was so taken by the tea shop she had to buy them. The shop in question is Teavana and the flowers in question are Peach Momotara which is a peach scented mixture of chrysanthemums and jasmine flowers based around a white tea.

Despite my love of tea I have never been a massive fan of fruit teas. In my opinion they smell much better than they taste. But present me something which ‘grows’ in the teapot and puts on a show, how could I not love it.

The smell is amazing, a really sweet peach, with a slightly floral touch (no surprises there). Honestly the taste wasn’t too bad either, a warming drink with a slight taste.

I could live with it in the evenings, when you want something without (much) caffeine before bed. Yes they were a little weak, but not novelty is the flower not the taste, plus others would call it delicate.

Not something for everyday, but a lovely treat once in a while.



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