Started My Starter

Sourdough Starter Day 12

It has taken almost a week and a half but finally my starter has looked like it has started. I wasn’t confident it had activated up until last night, but it has started looking good. This is my second time making a starter, the first failed when it got too active and I didn’t feed it enough so it died, this time I am more confident.

My instructions came from Sourdough Home which employs a very basic 100% hydration (1:1 ratio of flour to water). Starting of small I used 50 g of each. I started with wholemeal flour, as the instructions suggested, but switched to rye as soon as my Shipton Mill order arrived. My motivation for this was wanting a rye starter for some of the Mellow Bakers bakes.

I fed it a few times over the next few days, looking for any sign of activity, and sadly this was minimal. I would get a few large bubbles, but not the lots of little ones I expected. I kept it covered, on top of the fridge, to stay slightly warm (the one day I forgot to cover it it formed a skin, so I kept it lightly covered the rest of the time).

As of last night it started showing proper activity. Although the photos don’t best represent it (I need a better camera I know) you could see a lot more activity on the surface. I know it’s not there yet but it is a sign that something good is happening. It has always smelt, not in a bad way just slightly fruity, but I am slowly getting more confident I have something good.

The next stage will obviously be baking something with it. So for now I am on the look out for a basic sourdough recipe, something nice and simple that will help me check if the starter is working.

Any suggestions? Let me know.



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3 thoughts on “Started My Starter

  1. Chris Throup says:

    Glad you’re starter is going well. If you want to test one of the Handmade Loaf recipes, the Mill Loaf is quite a nice one. Or, if you are looking for something different, the Vermont Sourdough from Hamelman’s BREAD is pretty good; I believe (but have not tried myself) that the Norwich Sourdough, from Wild Yeast Blog, is basically the same.

  2. The blessed Dan says:

    300g strong white flour
    100g wholemeal flour
    200g sourdough starter
    225ml warm water
    1.5 teaspoons salt

    Mix to smooth soft dough, add more water if not soft, do the 10 sec knead, leave to rise – may take 2 to 4 hours. Then shape the loaf, then bake when it has risen by half again – may take ages.

    That’s what I did with mine and it was fine. I baked I think at 250 C which is what River cottage suggests, sprayed with water and steamed the oven with a tray and some boiling water.

    Good luck!

  3. […] I have done it. After 2 weeks I have given my starter a go, and combined it to make one of the simple recipes in Dan Lepard’s book. The recipe was […]

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