Mellow Bakers

So I got put onto this website from a blog I was reading, zebbakes, who documented following the Mellow Bakers series in 2011.

The idea behind Mellow Bakers is like a book group, except there is only one book at a time, at the moment it is Dan Lepard’s – The Handmade Loaf (amazon link) . As an online group you work through a selection of the recipes, sharing your experiences and results.

This really appealed to me, so I bought the book and plan on joining in some of their April bakes.

I plan on documenting those bakes here, but I will not be posting up the recipe from the book, as that would be unfair to Dan. (The book costs <£10, buy it if you are interested)


Having had a little flick through the book I am intrigued, at the very least. A lot of the recipes are very different from things I would normally bake. There is a lot of recipes involving a starter, so I am working on mine, and a variety of flavoured loaves.

In addition to the recipes there is also a lot of discussion about the nature of bread, which is very interesting. Not to mention all the bakes being beautifully documented with his own photographs.

Once I have made a few of the recipes I will post up a little review of the book, I also have another in the post, so will try to write more reviews.

I hope to have some new and exciting bakes to present soon.




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3 thoughts on “Mellow Bakers

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