The One That (Sort Of) Got Away – Rye Loaf

So I decided to have a little play with the rye bread recipe tonight. Things didn’t go to plan. I decided to make a small loaf, smaller than my usual 500 g loaf.

I decided to experiment with more than just the recipe, I tried to set up a custom program for the bread maker, as the recipe required slightly different times than my normal setting. For some reason despite being on just a kneed + prove setting, it started cooking the loaf.

I managed to catch it quite quickly, so was able to turn it out, but it had started cooking some of the crust. I really should have just given up there, but I pushed on, just to see what would happen. Basically it didn’t rise much during the second prove, as would be expected. But it baked quite well, but came out quite dense, as a result of the previous problems. The taste was actually not too bad, enough to encourage me to try it again.


Better luck next time.

I haven’t bothered to post the recipe or method or anything this time round, but I am sure to try it again, and will post it then.




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One thought on “The One That (Sort Of) Got Away – Rye Loaf

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