New Whisky – Stronachie

Dave from my lab spent last week up in Scotland visiting family, as a fellow whisky drinker I set him a challenge of bringing me back a bottle. Something that I wouldn’t have heard of before, and boy did he rise to the challenge.

I don’t get through much whisky, but I take great pleasure in it, so when I buy a bottle it needs to excite me.

The bottle he brought me back is an 18 yr old Stronachie from the good people at Loch Fyne Whiskies, which I hadn’t heard of. So I set about researching it, and I’m not much sure I’m any the wiser.

The original distillery was shut down in 1930, but the brand was re-created in 2002 at the Benrinnes distillery, just opposite the Macallan (one of my favourite distilleries).

The colour is a very soft pale amber, much like the bottle of Macallan (select oak) I have laying around. But the taste couldn’t be further from it. The Macallan, at 40%, is smooth where as the Stronachie, at 46% has a little more fire, whilst also being much richer. Note Macallan of the left Stronachie on the right, in both pictures.

There is almost no mention in either of my Jim Murray books, so I don’t have much to go on other than my taste buds, and they like it. It’s nice to have something a little different on the go.





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