Tacx T1000 Rollers

So I have been waiting a few days to write this entry. Basically the new rollers arrived just after the track bike, but I didn’t want to write a report until I had actually properly tested them. The first step was to actually work out how to use them properly, without falling off.

I have previously tried rollers, borrowing a set off a friends dad for a week, I was able to have one or two tries, but didn’t really form an opinion. I didn’t have long enough to get used to them, and so forgot about it until recently where track cycling prompted me into a rash purchase (a great deal from Chain Reaction Cycles – Tacx Antares Rollers).

Last night, with little better to do, I made the decision that I would master them. So set up on my living room floor, next to the breakfast bar, to hold on to, I set about it. Obviously the first step was just to get on and peddle whilst holding onto the side. Oddly enough this was very easy, and surprisingly intuitive.

For the life of me I couldn’t muster the bottle to let go. I had to work my way up to it, slowly letting go of the bar, and quickly grabbing it again, until I was ready. Expecting to go flying across the room the moment I had both hands on the bars I was obviously a little nervous. Once on you quickly realise it is actually infinitely easier holding on to the bars rather than a bar, or chair. You have far more control over the steering of the bike, and it is really fun.

So little practice over I went out into the garden today for an extended play on them. It was a sunny day, and damed if I was going to stay indoors. Using the side of the house to get on, I was quickly back in the rhythm, and had forgotten the difficulty. Once you settle in there is actually quite a lot of control.

This being the first time I have used a track bike on rollers, I think it makes a lot of difference. The consistence of the peddle stroke, keeps the alignment, and makes you far less shaky.

As for the rollers themselves I am quite happy. I say quite because there is one nagging problem, they make a hell of a lot of noise. A sort of grinding, sounds, which from reading various threads suggests a problem with the seating of the bearings. We will see If I can correct it, or I have to send them back (or just live with the noise).

I am getting into this whole track thing, (right at the end of the track season I know), I just hope it helps my general fitness / power / bike control in the long run.




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