First Outing

As was hoped we managed to get down to Newport velodrome this morning for their drop in session, giving me the chance to take the new Felt TK3 for a spin. It was fantastic, everything I had hoped.

I was a little worried when it arrived that a 56cm was too big for me, but after dropping the saddle a bit, the fit was spot on, and I had a great time.

So after an early start (on the road by 4:30 am) we headed down to Newport, for the 7 Р9 am drop in session, for the grand sum of £6.

The session was great fun, a couple of regular locals, the two of us and a load from Birmingham Uni (last minute practice before BUCS Track this weekend). The coach was really good and there was a great mix of people, with similar abilities.

Though the coach did query if my tyres had ever been ridden on the track, which reinforces my opinion on the great condition of the bike. After a bit of sandpapering the tyres were ready to go.

The basic structure of the set was:

  • Warm up
  • Flying 500 m
  • 32 Lap team time trial (8 km)
  • Take a lap (working in pairs)
  • Cool down

The 500 m was OK, I was a little bit nervous of the handing of the bike, as you never know how they are going to respond when you throw it down the banking, but it was fine. I clocked a time of 37.26 s, which was alright all things considered (Claire clocked a 37.12, so just a little bit of rivalry), I just need to perfect my entry and it will be fine.

The team time trial was great, working with a bunch of around 10 or 11 of us we set quite a high pace. The time was somewhere around 11 m 24s, which by my calculations gives an average speed of around 42 km/h, not bad for first thing in the morning.


So despite the early morning, and having to take half a day off work, it’s something I would love to do on a more regular basis.




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