More Interesting Bread

My intentions for a bread maker was always just to make dough in it. The character of the bread comes from the shaping and cooking, in my opinion. So once I got to grips with the basic loaf I set about making some more interesting creations. Here are two of my favorite bakes (which I have photos of).

The first is a standard free form bake with a poppy seed topped loaf.

Inside the loaf is a 70/30 mix of white / wholemeal flour, with a mixture of pumpkin and sunflower seeds. This loaf was made especially for a soup, and it didn’t last long after. I used a milk wash to help the poppy seeds stick, then slashed it, which gave it a lovely glaze, without too much extra flavour.

The second bake is very similar except in a plait. This was more like a 80/20 mix of white to wholemeal flour, and was brushed with an egg glaze for extra colour. (Also didn’t have the seeds in the dough)

Sadly I have yet to master shaping the loaf, but it didn’t last long enough for anyone to notice.



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