An Introduction

So I have been debating the idea of a blog for a long time now.

I have always been into cooking and baking but never thought to share the results with the wider world. For Christmas I was the proud recipient of a new bread maker and a pasta maker. Determined to not let them live at the back of a cupboard I have set about sourcing inspiration from any books, websites or blogs I could lay my hands on. Delighted with the results I have always wanted to share them, and give something back to the internet baking community. One of my biggest inspirations for writing a food blog was that of a University friend Ha-Na Cha, the beautifully crafted creations on her blog Courgettes and Limes: Recipes and Rhymes have spurred me on.

Whilst the primary topic of this blog is going to be bread, baking, pasta and any other cooking that I think of, I am also liable to post about my other main interests, mainly coffee and cycling.

Whilst I am not normally one for baking cakes my partner is, so I plan to coerce her into contributing her creations.






One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Han-Na says:

    Okay – I have literally stumbled on your blog whilst anaylsing my google analytics stats page… and the combination of baking and biking is inspired! I’m honoured to be part of you getting started on this – put a smile on my face. Looking forward to reading your baking attempts later on! (hmmm… less so on the biking)

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